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Lanseria Plumber On a day to day basis Plumbers In Lanseria from My Qualified Plumber Lanseria. Deal with Blocked Drains in Lanseria. Leaking Taps in Lanseria. Running Toilets In Lanseria. Low Water Pressure In Lanseria. And last but not least. Leaking Pipes in Lanseria. My Qualified Plumber is a member of the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) and the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA).

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Blocked Drains in Lanseria

Blocked Drains in Lanseria – CAUSE: There are many reasons why you could have a blocked drain. Reasons include Hair, fats, oils, foreign objects, toiletries and sanitary towels. It also could be a buildup of outside debris like leaves. Or tree roots have broken through the drain. SOLUTION: You can try to unblock your drain. Using the old plunger. You could also get a BIOSMART drain cleaner. And If that does not do the trick. Give Plumber in Lanseria a call on 082-550-3306. There may be a more serious problem lurking.

Leaking Taps In Lanseria

Leaking Taps in Lanseria is a problem that is often left to go on. Or is completely unnoticed. In any event at the end of the day. That slight drip adds up. CAUSE: Most leaking taps are the result of an old or worn out washer. Over a period and frequent use. Tap washers and start cracking and breaking. Allowing small amounts of water to escape in a dip, drip way. SOLUTION: Is easy to do DIY, all you need is the proper tools and a new tap washer. But if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

Leaking Pipes in Lanseria

Leaking Pipes in Lanseria – Struggling with a slow to weak water flow? Low water pressure is often the cause. Low water pressure caused by a variety of things including Blocked Pipe. Blocked Shower Head. Burst Pipe or a leaking pipe. Leaving this issue unattended may cause more severe problems for your home. Like structural damage caused by a leaking pipe left unrepaired. SOLUTION: Work the problem from easy to hard by checking your shower head to see if its clean. If you cannot fix the problem, it’s vital that you give us a call so that we can trace and fix the problem.

Running Toilet Water Lanseria

Running Toilet Water Lanseria – Continually running toilet water means that there is something wrong with your toilet. Flushing a toilet is a natural process. And should never involve a complicated process. CAUSE: Constantly Running Toilet Water can be from a variety of things. Including the Flapper Valve which lets water through. The toilet floats improperly balanced. Or a fill tank problem. SOLUTION: The good news is most of these are easy to fix using a toilet plumbing repair kit. And the proper tools. If you’ve never installed a toilet before, to give us a call.

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Plumbing Repairs Lanseria

Our range of Plumbing Repairs in Lanseria includes Full Bath Remodeling. Boiler Repairs. Ceiling Leak Repairs. Copper Pipe Repairs. PVC Pipe Replacements. Drain Cleaning, Drain Repairs, Drain Trap Treatments. Electronic Leak Detection. Emergency Cleanup. Plumbing Fixture Replacements Grease Trap Treatment. Water Leak Detection. Pipe Repairs. Sewer Line Cleanout. Sewerage Line Repairs. Sewer Replacements. Tankless Water Heater Repairs. Toilet Leak Repairs. Underground Leak Repairs. Underground Pipe Repairs. CCTV Drain Inspections. Electric Geyser Repairs. Water Line Repairs. Burst Pipe Replacements. Burst Geyser Replacements and many other Plumbing Repairs in Lanseria.

Plumbing Installations Lanseria

Plumbing Installations Lanseria: With today’s modern plumbing technology and fixtures. There are so many reasons to have a new electric geyser. Taps, shower heads and toilets installed for your home or office. Lanseria Plumber provides expert Plumbing Installations in Lanseria. For homes and business in the Lanseria area.

Installing Toilets in Lanseria

Toilet Installations Lanseria – Did you know? It’s estimated that the majority of water consumption from a regular household. Comes from the toilet? For this reason, having a water-conserving toilet installed in your home. Or business would be ideal. With the advancements in plumbing, there are many alternative toilets. And flushing systems you could have installed like low-flow toilets. Or dual flush toilets. Many toilet manufacturers are now offering better comforts for toilets. Porcelain toilets are now available with features like automatic flushing. Heated seats, automatic seats, and lids. As well as spa-like functions.

Installing Sinks in Lanseria

Sink Installations Lanseria – Thanks to the advancements in plumbing. There is a much bigger variety of home plumbing fixtures. Like sinks and taps to choose from. Manufacturers are making taps that are more water efficient. And functional in design. Features like aerators help in conserving water by mixing water. With air to reduce the amount of water required to maintain water pressure. Leaving you with a much cheaper water bill at the end of the month.

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Why Is DIY Plumbing Repair Not Always A Good Idea?

There is nothing wrong with a little DIY plumbing. BUT only if you are 100% sure you know what you’re doing. Why we suggest against DIY plumbing is because most times it takes an expert to know what to do if a plumbing repair job goes wrong. Also, DIY plumbing can make things a lot worse, especially if you’ve watched a Youtube movie, and think you know what to do.